i/van/able is imaginary. founded and led by ife salema vanable, i/van/able does not actually exist, but is nonetheless Old Hand at synthesis, interrogation, and speculation. a supposed architectural workshop and think tank, i/van/able has never existed and yet has always been in the works. i/van/able is a fantasy and a fiction, a desire. see ife’s curriculum vitae and/or get in touch.

Ife Salema Vanable is an architect, historian, and theorist who holds professional and post-professional degrees in architecture from Cornell and Princeton Universities.

Ife is founder and leader of Bronx-based architectural workshop and think tank i/van/able, a Visiting Professor at Yale University School of Architecture (YSoA) Visiting Scholar, and has been a Visiting Professor at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of the Cooper Union. Ife is also a PhD candidate in architectural history and theory at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), where she recently joined the faculty for the spring 2021 semester, teaching an advanced architecture studio, guns and butter, alongside architecturally trained visual artist Amanda Williams.  

Ife’s scholarly work asks questions of and seeks to unearth complex and seemingly banal relationships between the design of high rise multi-family housing, municipal government machinations for its development, conceptions of racial difference, geography, finance, program, and family composition. Ife particularly studies black subjectivity and dwelling in tall buildings, the performance of domesticity and respectability, and the politics, aesthetics, and materiality of the making of home.

Ife’s writing has been published in the Avery Review and she is co-editor of the forthcoming volume Black Production and the Space of the University to be published by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City.